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Recent Livestreams

Jennifer Hadley

Work-Life Integration

Join the Thrive Podcast live as we talk with Jennifer Helen Hadley (A Course in Miracles Radio Show) and learn what it means to ‘Forgive & Be Free.’ ​

Sep 24, 2018 | Duration: 18m | Tags: Health, Natural Healing

Amie Valpone

The Whole Body Transformation

Amie Valpone talks about healing yourself beyond medicine and her upcoming retreat – The Whole Body Transformation.

Sep 21, 2018 | Duration: 15m | Tags: Health, Natural Healing

Rachel Fleischman

Dance Your Bliss

Join us as we speak with Rachel Fleischman about the process which guides you to release childhood and relationship pain, transform your emotions, and unleash power and passion through creativity and joy.

Sep 11, 2018 | Duration: 20m | Tags: Healing, Yoga, Dance

Jennifer Connelly

Work-Life Integration

Leadership coach, yogi, and mindfulness teacher, Jennifer Connelly breaks down the importance of Work-Life Integration.

Apr 4, 2018 | Duration: 22m | Tags: Stress Management, Meditation

Kelly Carlin

Put down your phone, pick up your life. 

Join us as we speak with Kelly Carlin – author, performer, radio host, and workshop leader who has spent more than twenty years immersed in the study and practice Buddhist philosophy.

Aug 22, 2018 | Duration: 25m | Tags: Stress, Self-help

Kristin Oliver

Discovering Your True Self

We welcome Kristin Oliver to our Sunday Night Thrive Podcast to talk #parenting, #relationships, discovering your True Self, and her latest book.

Apr, 2 2018 | Duration: 24m | Tags: Self-help, Parenting, Relationships

Dr. Margaret Paul

Building a Relationship with Yourself

Margaret Paul, Ph D discusses the power of Inner bonding and building a nurturing relationship with yourself and tapping into your higher power.

Apr, 4 2018 | Duration: 45m | Tags: Meditation, Yoga

Val Spies

The Heart of Yoga

Val Spies, director of the Lotus Pond Yoga Studio, shares about coming to the heart of yoga and experiencing its rich wisdom.

Apr, 2 2018 | Duration: 44m | Tags: Meditation, Yoga

Wah! & Dr. James Leary

Join Wah! & Dr. James Leary as they take questions on energy restoration and cultivating your practice.

Apr 2, 2018 | Duration: 1h 2m | Tags: Meditation, Yoga

Kimberly Rossi

Cleansing & Self-Care with Ayurveda

Kim Rossi, Director of Shankara Ayurveda Spa & certified yoga teacher and Ayurveda health counselor, shares about cleansing and self-care and how Ayurveda can help.

Apr 2, 2018 | Duration: 45m | Tags: Meditation, Yoga

Sarah McLean

The Power of Attention

Sarah McLean, author of The Power of Attention and director of the McLean Institute for Meditation, on the power of your attention and practical tips for relating with the mind.

Apr 2, 2018 | Duration: 1h 5m | Tags: Meditation, Yoga

David-Dorian Ross

The power of Taji

David-Dorian Ross on creating flow in your life and the power of Taji.

Mar 14, 2018 | Duration: 56m | Tags: Meditation, Yoga