Ayurveda Home Cleanse & Detox

Authentic cleanses for the .

A seasonal cleanse helps preserve and restore your health through authentic therapies from the science of Ayurveda. Whether you want to enjoy deep rest and rejuvenation or find holistic methods to manage chronic issues, Ayurveda offers effective practices for self-care and the restoration of physical, mental, and emotional balance.

Why cleanse?

Greater Energy

What lowers your energy level? Is it the cumulative buildup over time of stress, tension and worry? Or wear and tear on the body? Panchakarma helps to lighten the body’s load by re-igniting your energy from within. As you strengthen your internal capacity and clear out accumulated blockages, you naturally begin to feel more energetic and more alive.​

Light Body, Clear Mind

The feeling of lightness afterwards surprises many guests. This feeling is not limited to physical weight-loss — which also happens — but that lasting sense of lightness and clarity, which comes from true cleansing. Panchakarma is authentic cleansing; it is neither a recent innovation or a new age fad. Like yoga, this ancient practice has stood the test of time for thousands of years.​

Pain Management

Many people cleanse to relieve chronic pain. One participant recently shared with us, “This is the first time in three years that I’ve woken up pain free.” The combination of treatments, food, and herbal supplements works to help manage pain by cleansing your system at a deep level, restoring balance.​

Personal Approach

Because Ayurveda acknowledges that every body is different, Panchakarma treatments and consultations are completely customized to your unique needs. Our Ayurveda experts work with you to first understand your body type and where you are right now in order to take your cleanse in the best direction.


Panchakarma is as ancient as yoga and has a rich heritage of wellness. Additionally, Shankara is associated with one of the top Ayurveda research hospitals and colleges of Ayurveda in India. This strong link that we preserve to ancient and current practices allows us to offer you treatments that draw on an authentic tradition of wellness.

At-Home Guidance

Our experts are there to guide you every step of the way, from your first consultation to your post-cleanse plan. Whether you’re an Ayurveda aficionado or brand new to the practice, we are here to support you. Throughout the program, you gain key insights into your body and mind; and build a personal wellness plan.

I recently did the at home Kichari cleanse and had great success ! Sujata Shah is very knowledgeable and was able to accurately assess my dosha type and imbalances and put together the exact right cleanse kit for me. All of the ingredients and items needed for the cleanse (other than just some quick shopping for vegetables) were included which made it super easy. I am not a cook, but the kichari was easy to make and actually quite delicious. On some days I made a larger portion and then just had it already available to quickly heat up on the days when I was very busy. I also did the pre-cleanse for 5 days cutting out sugar, meat and caffeine which helped prepare my body. Overall I lost 8 lbs and I feel so much lighter all over. I have more energy than I have had in years and my blood pressure is back down to normal. I also slept like a rock during the cleanse days (except the night that I took the castor oil but that was expected). I highly recommend this at home cleanse as a perfect way to reset from my stagnation and poor eating choices during the COVID quarantine.

—Meg M.

Upcoming Dates

Ayurveda Home Cleanse

Available anytime; year-round.

Ayurveda Enhanced Home Cleanse

  • July 21–26
  • August 4–9
  • August 25–30
  • September 8–13
  • September 22–27
  • October 6–11
  • October 20–25
  • November 10–15
  • November 24–29
  • December 8–13

Two Home Cleanse Options

Ayurveda Home Cleanse

7-Day Seasonal At-Home Cleanse Kit
$ 495 Limited Time Discount
  • Program Length—7 Days
  • Available Anytime
  • Pre-Cleanse Consultation
  • Cleanse Starter Kit
  • 3 Video Presentations
  • Support Available Entire Seven Days
  • Post-Cleanse Plan and Follow-up


Ayurveda Enhanced Home Cleanse

Group Ayurveda At-Home Cleanse
$ 995 Limited Time Discount
  • Program Length—5 Days
  • Pre-Cleanse Consultation
  • Personalized Cleanse Starter Kit
  • Daily Group Video Check-Ins for Questions and Community
  • Daily Live Interactive Sessions with Ayurveda Experts
  • Self-Care Ayurveda Treatment Education:
    Oil Self-Massage
    Taking Care of Eyes, Nose, Mouth, and Ears
  • Daily Live Yoga and Guided Meditations
  • Personalized Recommendations and Post-Cleanse Follow-up

Shankara Ayurveda Wellness

At the award-winning Shankara Ayurveda Wellness, our staff are experts at combining ancient Ayurveda with contemporary wellness to bring you the ultimate cleanse experience. Our team of Ayurvedic practitioners, highly-trained therapists, and esteemed board-certified western medical doctor are dedicated to providing excellence in Ayurvedic health and well-being. Together, we specialize in individualized holistic care to the whole mind-body complex and the management of health conditions. Your journey to health and vitality begins here.

“Best Ayurveda Program”

“2016 Winner: Best Hidden Gem, Best for Yoga, Best for Mind, Body, Spirit”
“A 380-acre sanctuary… a balancing act of rest and activities”
“5 Wellness Retreats You Should Escape to ASAP”
“2016 Reader’s Choice Winner: Best Health & Wellness”
Christine H.
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“As a health care professional, I know the importance of self-care, and this was a gift that I gave myself. The staff...were absolutely fabulous and struck me very deeply.”

Program Leaders


Kimberly Rossi

Kimberly Rossi is the Director of Business Development at the Art of Living Retreat Center and Shankara Ayurveda Spa. She believes the ancient sciences of yoga, meditation, pranayama, and Ayurveda are the secrets for being happy, healthy, and whole.

Sujata Shah

Sujata Shah

Sujata Shah, Ayurveda practitioner, has been studying, practicing, teaching, and leading Ayurveda Panchakarma cleanses since 2005. She has been the Ayurveda Program Supervisor at Shankara Ayurveda Spa since 2018, and has been instrumental in providing experiences for cleanse guests to dive deep into their process, providing transformational results.

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Couples Getaway

(Sample Schedule)


  • Gaze at the sunrise while filling your lungs with fresh mountain air and reminisce on the moments that connected you.
  • Bring a new level of calm and balance to your relationship with a Yoga or Meditation class.
  • Enjoy a delicious whole-foods breakfast together.
  • Walk or hike one of our beautiful nature trails and reconnect with each other, nature, and oneself.


  • Share a healthy and nutritious lunch.
  • Make a new memory by taking a workshop or educational class, or create a new experience together with a pottery*, watercolor painting, or cooking class (*additional cost).
  • Reduce tension and stress with a couple’s or individual Ayurveda spa treatment. Choose from the widest selection of Ayurvedic therapies in the US for whole-body nourishment and renewal.
  • Unwind in the sauna together.


  • Stop by our bookstore and explore our collection of self-care and spiritual resources or spend time reading in the cafe.