Panchakarma Cleanse: November

Panchakarma: the Ancient Wellspring of Modern Wellness

Boone, North Carolina

November 18, 2018 9:00 am
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Health & AyurvedaHealth & Ayurveda

Restore, Refresh & Renew

Just For You Your journey to wellness begins with your pulse. Ayurvedic Pulse Assessment, a centuries old practice, gives you a deep understanding of your current state of health or imbalance. Your custom treatment program is created from therapies tailor made to your assessment.

A Personal Touch With expert guidance, building on your pulse assessment, you will develop an optimum personal wellness routine tailored to your needs.

Live in Tune with Nature Explore and develop a seasonal lifestyle to restore greater health and vitality using supplements, yoga techniques, diet, therapies and lifestyle.

Deep, Natural Cleansing Panchakarma gently, yet thoroughly, cleanses your system at a physical, emotional and even spiritual level through an ancient, time-tested regimen of herbs, treatments and diet

Healthy For Life You can stay in touch with the experts well after the diagnosis for life-long health.

What People are Saying

“As a health care professional, I know the importance of self-care, and this was a gift that I gave myself. The staff, the center the surroundings here were absolutely fabulous and struck me very deeply.” – Christine, Health Counselor, Canada

“I’d done reading on Ayurveda, and I’ve tried to adopt it to my life. You read the book, but if you don’t have someone boiling it down to some practical ways to utilize it and actually showing you…I didn’t know I’d learn so much I could take home with me. They make it common sense and practical.” – Mrs. Carter, Retired, Ohio

“The diet was designed in such a way that I feel very light, and I think I lost a few pounds. My back was actually quite tight and jammed, so that it was hard to lift much. What was amazing to me is that Dr. Lokesh did a nasya treatment…and instantly my back started feeling better. ” -Mehul, IT Engineer

What does the Panchakarma Experience Include?

Featuring nine treatments and personal direction, along with on-site accommodation, the residential panchakarma retreat starts at just $3,925. It includes:


  • Initial Ayurvedic consultation with pulse assessment followed by daily check ups with an Ayurvedic Health Practitioner so that you experience the best treatments for you
  • About 2 1/2 hours of daily Ayurvedic treatments, customized to your personal wellness program
  • Abhyanga( warm oil massage)
  • Swedna( sweat therapy)
  • Shirodhara (pouring a steady stream of warm oil on forehead)
  • Combinations of several different treatments, such as karna purna, nasya, marma, kati basti, netra tarpana as recommended for you
  • Therapeutic, organic diet designed to optimize your experience in treatments


  • Cooking demonstration
  • Classes on Ayurveda so that you know what to do to keep feeling great after the retreat


  • Evening sessions with meditation, music and knowledge presented on Ayurveda
  • Daily meditations to rest your mind and help you to go deep within your self
  • Daily Yoga classes that help the process of detoxing and restoring the nervous system
  • Gorgeous location in the Blue Ridge Mountains with nature trails and more

Onsite Accommodation

  • 6-8 nights of onsite accommodation – no need to face traffic driving back and forth from home every day

And It Doesn’t Stop There:

  • Practical introduction to Ayurvedic diet planning so that you’re able to continue at home
  • Personalized diet and yoga plan for your personal body type for home practice
  • Personalized recommendations for herbal supplements to boost your health after the retreat

Let’s Talk — Free Consultation

Learn more about Ayurveda, how to apply it it your lifestyle and how Panchakarma can help you achieve your wellness goals. Schedule a free consultation with an Ayurveda team member here. We are happy to help you set up a wellness program tailored to you!

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