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“Health is not mere absence of disease. It is the dynamic expression of life”

 – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Ayurvedic Recipes


Six Tastes

A truly elegant taste is generally accompanied with excellency of heart. —Henry Fielding Nature’s evolutionary, self-regulating, nourishing, harmonizing intelligence is conveyed to us through her foods. Each flavor of nature’s bounty expresses a different ray of this intelligence. There is Sweet giving us comfort, strength, fortitude. Salty gives protection, lubrication, stability, and helps us “taste” life. Sour gives courage, clarity and the power …

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baked oatmeal

Fruity Baked Oatmeal

When breakfast could be a healthy snack, or dessert, you know you’ve found a warm and delicious way to maintain balance in the Autumn season of Vata. When Vata is high we often don’t have time or the inclination to cook. But that is when we need it most. This then is perfect, both for its sweet nourishment that …

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Green Bean

Ayurvedic Recipes: Summer Green Bean Salad

Warm late-summer days are perfect for enjoying the bounty of the season. A fresh summer salad is a great way to take advantage of the wonderful flavor and nutritional value of in-season vegetables, including an Ayurvedic favorite—green beans. Regardless of your body type, or dosha, this salad is a delicious delight that will help you balance …

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