Find Better Rest and Sounder Sleep with Ayurveda


Do You Want More Rest? 

Have you ever wondered how to get better rest, faster? Perhaps googled sleep hacks to maximize those few hours of sleep you get in? I have. so I asked Ayurveda expert Lokesh Raturi about how to get better rest from an Ayurveda perspective – an Ayurveda life hack, if you will. His comments show Ayurveda’s characteristic view that gives different solutions for each body types and offer some great tips for everyone. Read on for more.


Q: What is the importance of rest?

A: Rest is a part of our life.

For a vata (light) person, sleep will give good rest at the level of the body. For a kapha person, too much sleep is a danger that may imbalance kapha (heaviness), making him more dull and lethargic. We need to strike a balance. For a kapha person, six hours of sleep is enough to rest the body so that your body feels dynamic and you can enjoy the day. But while a kapha person should not sleep late in the morning or during the day, a vata person can take a nap, especially in summertime. So the right amount of rest depends on your individual constitution.

Q: Many people feel too tired. How can we feel better rested?

A: This depends on the situation. If you work really hard and feel tired, that is natural; but if the body feels tired without working, it is a sign that amma (toxins) have collected in the body. What are more signs of toxins in the body?

  • when you wake up in the morning, you feel sleepy and want to sleep in five minutes more
  • the body aches
  • all joints ache
  • body feels dull and lethargic

These are the signs of toxicity.




Purify for Sounder Sleep

One solution, which also helps with weight loss, is to go for five days on an Ayurveda cleanse and drink one cup of hot water. In these five days, the body cleans itself of many of the gathered toxins. Some people want to lose weight, but they are unable to due to the toxicity in the body, though they may exercise and do plenty of work to lose pounds. However, as the body becomes free of toxins, they can lose weight more easily and feel good, light and energetic.

Rest has many meanings. If you work hard you need rest. Or if your mind feels too tired, then too you need rest. Sleep is essential to rest the body (a note here is that for people with heavier, kapha builds, exercise will give better rest — when you exercise and then relax — then that will be good rest.

I confess…I did try this Ayurveda cleanse for myself. Within one day I felt better, and within another day ten (10!) friends joined me to experiment with the kichadi cleanse. Did I feel better rested? Yes. Fresher in the morning? For sure. I invite you to grab a couple of friends, a pot of mung beans and try it yourself and share your  experience.  in our next post, we’ll investigate more practical hints to get better rest on a daily basis.


Ayurveda cleanse detox

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